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Birthdate:Nov 4
Location:Texas, United States of America

I refuse to limit myself by conforming to a certain way of making icons.

Welcome, I am [info]endlessdeep and [info]phlourish_icons is my personal icon journal. In an effort to become more organized I created this journal to house all my graphics. You will find more than just icons here. I also make brushes, textures, headers and the occasional tutorial.

Right now I make icons and other graphics for fun. I don't ask for money because most of the images I use I borrow. All I ask is that you give my icons and graphics a good home and let people know where you found them.

This journal is meant to be easy to navigate and accessible to visitors. But, the memories are the only thing that is even halfway organized right now. My next big project is to get my tags organized. So till I get that done please just check the memories if you are searching for something. If you've looked and looked and can't find what you're looking for you can always ask me in the Questions entry.

Don't be shy. Please friend this journal. It's easier to keep up with my entries that way and I usually post all my icons and other graphics here first.

  • You may credit either [info]endlessdeep or [info]phlourish_icons if you use any of my graphics....icons, headers, banners, brushes, blah, blah, blah. I'm not a real stickler about crediting. I just ask for it so that others will know where to find my graphics when they see them in your journal or entries. If you're not sure where to credit, I believe it's customary to credit icons in your keywords and all other graphics where ever you use them or in your user info or resources post if you have one.

  • Please do not hotlink. I AM a stickler about this. (If you don't know what that means here's a simple definition. It's stealing. Please don't do it to me or anyone else. If you need more info Google it.)

  • Please do not alter my icons or headers. If you see an icon you like and you wish it said something different I will be more than happy to personalize it for you.

  • Please do not claim any of my work as your own.

I have a wide range of constantly changing interests. So I will make icons of just about anything. Most of my icons and graphics are fandom related, but I have a few non-fandom related icons and graphics sprinkled around.

I've made icons for the following....Battlestar Galactica...all characters, House M.D., Harry Potter, Gerry Butler, Moonlight, Harry Potter, Alex O'Loughlin, Moonlight characters, The Dresden Files.....and the list goes on.

Icons made from Stock Photography can be anything from flowers to frogs to landscapes.

Please check the memories for all the categories.

All my icons are up for grabs except for icons with my personal journal name or icon journal name on them.
I've made a few headers and you can find them the memories under "Headers". If you see anything you like and would like to have it personalized please post a comment in the entry with the header you are interested in stating what you would like the header to say. If you have a particular font in mind, that would be helpful as well.

(Please do not alter my headers or add text to them yourself. They will look funny.)

Some of the headers I've made are being used right now. But if they stop being used I will make them available and post an update to let everyone know.
My brush collection is growing. Please check the memories to find my brushes. You can also find them in my deviantART account endlessdeep
I only have two sets of textures right now. You can find them under textures in the memories.
To be added.
Font Guide...A comparison.

I occasionally take requests. And I will by happy to add or change the text on any icon or other graphic you would like. Just leave a comment detailing what you would like on the icon or graphic in the entry where the icon or graphic is located.

If you have a question about something else, anything, you can ask in my Ask Me Stuff entry.

I am all for helping people out. If you would like to know how I made one of my icons you may request a tutorial
I own and moderate several communities and it seems to be an ever changing list which I try to keep up to date.

[info]moonlightrumble a LIMS type icontest community where you accumulate points to win a round instead of being voted out.
[info]truebloodrumble another rumble icontest commmunity where you accumulate points to win a round. Round 1 starts around mid Sept 2008
[info]bon_temps_icons is an icon and graphics posting community for the new HBO TV show True Blood. Please feel free to join and start posting your True Blood icons.
[info]skarsgardstills is a icon and graphic challenge community dedicated to the actor Alexander SkarsgÄrd.
[info]stephen_moyer is a fan community dedicated to the actor Stephen Moyer.
[info]useful_icons a stock photography icontest and posting community.



If you would like to affiliate with my icon journal please leave a comment in the Questions entry. Only personal icon journals please.



I get my brushes, textures, gradients, graphics, screencaps, etc. from many places.

To see my humongous list of credits go to my Credits Entry

I try to update it regularly, but if you see I've used a resource of yours and not credited you, please leave a comment in the "resources entry" and I will fix the problem.

For other credits check the user info in my private journal. [info]endlessdeep

I've entered quite a few icontests over the years. In my personal journal I have an Awards Entry for all my banners. Please feel free to browse through it if you're curious. All the icons are up for grabs and if you need help locating something please ask.

The header, icons, bars and welcome banner for [info]phlourish_icons were made by me, [info]endlessdeep, using stock photography from stock.xchng. My layout is Flexisquares and I tweaked it a little, but credit for the coding and all the help getting it too work correctly goes to the wonderful people at [info]s2flexisquares.

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